Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is for you Kustom Jeff

Check out this gem that is on the Bay right now.  Kustom Jeff, here's your chance Cuz!  Bid now and bid large!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fallen Fellow Rider

This can happen to out if you can.

From the Death Science Crew:

Valhalla Bound...R.I.P. Mike

We lost another good one last week, and he will be missed. Mike "the Mexican" checked out of this world Thursday night on the dragstrip in Rockingham, NC, during the Smoke Out. Mike was a rad dude, and always a lot of fun! Shawn Zinn is organizing a memorial run and fundraiser to help out Mike's dad with all of the costs associated with the funeral, etc... We are also doing a raffle, with all donations going to Mike's dad as well. Here is how the raffle is going to work... I am going to stuff as much Death Science and Show Class shit as I can into a large box, and lots of other shit we have around our office from other companies. This will be a badass box of chopper assured.

To enter the raffle, Paypal whatever you want to donate, doesn't matter how much, to: Make sure you send it as a personal gift, and put something in the comments section like "Mike", or "Valhalla Bound".

When we get back from Born Free, I will draw a winner, and the box will be shipped out to that person.

Here are the details of the memorial run:
"Sunday July 1st at noon we are making a run from the Brick HouseTavern in Tampa to Orlando, then back to Oden's Den in St. Pete, the final party will be at Mahaffer's on Indian Rocks Beach. We are asking a donation of $20 per bike to help his dad out with all of the costs. We will also have a raffle to raise more. Like I said all of the proceeds will go to Mike's Dad to pay for all the costs." For further details you can e-mail Shawn directly:

Monday, June 25, 2012

I can STOP now!!!

I've been struggling with the performance of my rear brake on the Ironhead for the past few months.  Bill and I have bled the entire system several times with minimal gains in stopping power.  I started a thread on Chop Cult putting the call out to ideas on how to troubleshoot.

Several fellow "Cultists" responded with tons of advice.  I decided to start with replacing the brass brake rod with a piece of hot rolled steel rod.

Someone also advised that I check the spec on my rotor.  Minimum was .205" and mine was at .156"!!  I headed to the Stealership on Sunday and was hit with $125 for a rotor!!!  I posted a picture on Instagram and several people chimed in offering to help!  "H8ter" sent me two new rotors for the price of shipping!  Needless to say, I enjoyed returning the rotor I purchased back to Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson!!!

The culprit:  Brass brake rod.

 I love getting to use my tools!

 Here's a quick pic of the new steel brake rod.  Long story short...I've got BRAKES!  I took a quick test ride around my neighborhood and was STOKED on the result!  The new rotor from "H8ter" will be icing on the cake!

Thanks to Bill for helping me bleed the system and for the advice.  Thanks also to the dudes from Chop Cult for being another set of eyes!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Another night at Southpaw Machine

I spent another evening with Big Boss Ross at Southpaw Machine.  This visit centered around wheel spacers for my "Long Haul Shovel".  As always, I learned some new things about machining and had a great time!

16" spoolie is quickly becoming my favorite part of this bike!

Thanks again Boss!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mike D Showed Me Some Love

Mike D. from Biltwell, Inc. came to the Dixie Roundup in April. He snapped this picture of my Ironhead and posted it up on the Biltwell Facebook page. Thanks Mike! I'm proud of my machine!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Long Haul Shovel Update

I got my shovel project home last Friday.  Larry welded a left-rear floor board tab since I'm running an open primary.  This era FLH had the left side floor board attach to the big aluminum outer primary.

It's fun to sit in the garage and tinker.  I mounted the rear fender and have been looking at different seat options.  I think I'm sold on the set up pictured below.  Who knows though, I'm still a long way away from riding!

I'm so pumped on how the front end came together.  Email Big Boss Ross; for any of your machining needs!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Machine Shop Madness

I spent the evening at Ross' machine shop to shave the lower legs for the "Long Haul Shovel".  I had an idea to make "ribs" on the entire length of each leg.  Always a good time at Southpaw Machine and I always leave with a little more knowledge about machine work.

Whitey stopped by to hang out and took some of these pictures for me.

Email Ross for any machining needs you may have:

I'll post some pics of the assembled forks when I get them back on the bike tomorrow.  I think they "turned" out great...get it?!?

Tune in Tonight!

This is a good show.  It will be a GREAT show tonight when they feature Baker Drivetrain!

Set those DVR's!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Skin and Bones Tattoo Parlour - Pensacola FL

Last Saturday after we inspected Roadside's collection of choppers we decided to head out for breakfast, then a stop at Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour for some ink zapping from Alan Berg!

I abstained from getting a tattoo at the Roundup from Alan.  We both thought it would be better to do what I wanted in the shop, not on a picnic table!

Open for bidness...

Alan's work station

I love Norman Rockwell paintings!

David Mann centerfolds are another personal favorite of mine.  Alvarez has great decor in his shop!

Roadside Marty being Roadside Marty

Doin work

Bill got an awesome star with an Invader peeking through...

Ross now has a permanent reminder to "Gas it"!!!

After the three of us got zapped, we pointed the Altima north and headed back to Birmingham (loaded down with Choppy Parts and fresh tattoos)!!!

Next time we need to stay longer!!!!!  Thanks again Roadside, Alan and Alvarez for the hospitality.  Hope to see you dudes soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Purple Haze

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to check out Marty's stable of sweet choppers.  It was dark when we arrived the night before so we couldn't take in the details of all his beautiful machines.

Purple Haze was at the end of the garage and was the only bike I got pictures of.  He also had two awesome shovelheads stashed in there (one was his "No Name" Davis' original 1966 FLH.  Purple Haze has been featured in the chopper rags but nothing compares to seeing it in person!

"It's good to be King" - Roadside Marty

"It came to me in a Purple Haze" 

This bike has amazing detail.  Ross and I poured over all of the one-off machined bits that you might miss if you don't know what you're looking for.

Next time I visit I am determined to get pictures of his bitchin' shovel chopper!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Road Trippin to Roadside's

Bill, Ross and I headed South to Pensacola this weekend to visit with Roadside Marty.  We had such a great time seeing the shop he shares with his Father, "No Name Davis"!  The following is a chronological photo dump of Friday night...

We arrived just at sunset to the shop.

Bill scoped out a sweet foot gas pedal a la Joe Dirt.

Awesome porcelain Coca Cola sign that would make the "American Pickers" drool.

Two awesome tanks that have a very interesting background.

Papa Roadside has a thing for Flatheads. 

Marty's Knuckle after a slight tweak.  Pure unadulterated AWESOME!

Very cool oil tank...that's right, it's an oil tank.

See, the gas side tank fits into the dished part of the oil tank.  I told you it was an oil tank!

OEM Replacement Parts.

"No Name", Roadside, and Ross keeping us entertained!

Be sure to check back later in the week.  I've got several more pics from our adventure to the Coast.  What a great weekend!  Thanks Marty for your hospitality and I can't wait until we can do it again.