Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cherokee Rock Village

Ed, Bill, Ross and I took the quick trip up to Cherokee Rock Village in Northeast Alabama. Bill and Ross rode while Ed and I caged it (our bikes are both "resting"). If you live in this area and haven't been to this campground then you are missing out. I got a TON of cool pics so keep checking back. I'm planning a separate post just for pictures of Bill's bike!

I'm already looking forward to our Bonneville trip!

Campsite @ Dusk

Pork chops, Polish Sausage and grilled corn for dinner!

Ed telling a story

My bedroom for the night

Ed likes to snuggle!

Ross and I "hanging" around...

Ed, Bill, Ross on top of "The Press Box"

Another view from "The Press Box"

View from our campsite

Ross and Bill heading out of Birmingham


  1. Looks cool, where is it exactly?

  2. much fun is out west going to be!?

  3. Cherokee Rock Village is in Leesburg, AL (take 411 out of Gadsden and it's approximately 20 miles). Google Weiss Lake and it's near there.

    @Bill - Bonneville is going to be EPIC!!!