Saturday, September 10, 2011

Custom Chopper Luggage

Here is my second attempt at a saddlebag for my choppie. This version is a little slimmer and has bigger clasps that hopefully won't blow open going down the road. I'm really getting into leatherwork and hope to continue this hobby for some time.

I tried a new style of flap. I'm not sold on it yet but it's all about learning and perfecting the design for next time!

This bag went on a diet compared to my first. I can still run that bag on longer trips (like next year's Big Mountain Run)!!!

Side view of the bag installed.


  1. Looks Good! I need some for the Tijuanaville. Can I get it in illegal Panda hide?

  2. Thanks Whitey...I've got a sixxer of Victoria with your name on it!