Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whole lotta bottom ends...

I swung by Garage Co. Customs on Saturday for the usual round of "shoot the bull". Saturday was also the day that the "Long Haul Shovel" came home with me!

While I was there I noticed a whole lotta bottom ends exposed. Between Zoom's Panhead, Larry's Chop Off bike, and David's Panhead there were a ton of exposed bottoms!

Zoom's bottom end after balancing the flywheel

Larry's Shovel with great engraving by Shane B.

Here's a shot of Larry's bike on the lift (not much room left...that bike is SUPER long!)

And here's a shot of my new workspace. We completed the move last weekend and I'm slowly getting my bearings. I look forward to working in this space over the winter to bring the "Long Haul Shovel" to life!

1 comment:

  1. I'm diggin the new digs! I was waiting on Fed Ex all day Saturday so I didn't get to come out and play.