Monday, July 23, 2012

Mid-Season Makeover

I was hoping to make it to Winter before I worked on the rear end of my Ironhead.  My Shovel project was gaining momentum and I wanted to focus all of my efforts ($) toward that.

Well, I've ridden this bike a lot this season and the rear tire was getting pretty close to useless!  I decided it would be a good time to change the tire/fender combo and make some new fender struts.

The old "Indiana Gary" setup was not doing it for me any longer.  Time to spend Saturday at Southpaw Machine and make it happen:

Ross' tig welding rig is really nice!

Ross designed a nifty bottom-mount for the fender that is WAY stronger than my previous setup.  No offense to "Indiana Gary".

Lowbrow Customs sells a nifty fender strut kit that comes with assorted bungs/hardware and stainless rod.  The fender is from Jesse at Gasbox in Ohio.  He makes these fenders to fit the profile of Avon MKII rear tires perfectly.

All mounted up...I made a dash through the summer thunderstorms across town.  I'll tear it down in a few weeks and get some coats of gloss black on it.  I love the way it came out.  Changes the look of the bike...and for the better in my opinion!

Thanks to Big Boss Ross for all the help and for taking the time to teach me a few things along the way!


  1. Looks good man. You didn't wanna run no sissy? And, what's up with that frame on the table, Ross building a choppy?

  2. Thanks AJ. I probably will want to run a short sissy bar in the future. The bungs on the fender struts can be built upon. My shovel will be my "long trip" bike eventually. Ross is building a CB750 and he started by building one of the nicest frame jigs I've ever seen!

  3. That IS looking good. Nice tight hug on there, gives the machine a touch of class - like those Europeans ladies in tight dresses.

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