Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun Saturday

Busy, busy, busy! Saturday was fun. The late kickoff for the Alabama vs. Ole Miss let me get some stuff done around town. Kustom Jeff and I had been trying to get together to take pictures of my Ironhead. Hopefully they will be used in some Chopper Media down the road.

Kustom Jeff doing his thing.  Thanks again!

Morris Ave in Birmingham seemed to be the spot for photographers on a Saturday morning.  There were at least 6 or 7 different groups of people milling around taking pictures.  These girls asked if they could have some Senior Portraits taken with my Ironhead.  Pretty funny.

Loaf made it up to Birmingham to get some riding in.  His 82 Ironhead is working out some electrical gremlins.  After the photos and a quick lunch I had to break off to get to Tuscaloosa for the game.

Great, productive Saturday.  Just like I like 'em!


  1. It looks like Loaf's starter died. It got messed with at Conte Kustoms for a while and it looks like the actual starter is the culprit. It was fun hanging out Sat. and thanks for the lunch, it was GREAT.

    1. Loaf's blog post said his battery was completely dead when he got home. I feel his pain.

  2. I have a new battery, I'm paranoid to hook it up. I'm sure that's the culprit...but I was sure the switch was too, and it wasn't. I'll try it tomarrow and let y'all know. It was good to see you Inbred boys again. I'm making the Swap & Drags a must do. I'll be there. Enjoy Barbers, fuckers.