Thursday, January 17, 2013

Show Class "Peoples Champ" Born Free 5 Contest

Show Class Magazine is having an awesome contest that allows a "regular guy" to mix it up with the "Invited Builders" of Born Free 5.  They had over 100 entries and pared it down to 25 or so.  The first round of voting is now open...head over to and take a gander at the contest builds.

This round will pare the group down even more and the final 5 will make it to California.  Those bikes will be voted on the night before Born Free and the winner gets a spot in the big show!

My friend Shawn Long, from Imperial House, is one of the contestants and is building an awesome 1952 Panhead chopper (pictured below).  He gets my vote!  Hope he makes it all the way through!

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