Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long Haul Shovel - Update

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of activity on my bike.  Ross machined a new set of triple trees and really outdid himself.  I'm going to make a separate post just on that project.

I got my gas tanks back from Shawn @ ImperialHouse71.  Once again, he really took my ideas to the next level and the quality of his work is off the charts.  I custom mixed the "celeste" green One-Shot and the striping layout is great.  I added 1966-1971 Shovelhead badges to finish the tanks off

This is how she sits as of today.  I should have the saddle bags back from paint this week and then I'm done...for a while anyway!

People comment about my headlight (and how BIG it is), but I'm digging it.  With a big beefy front end and a 16 x 5 front tire, the headlight fits right in.

The saddle bag support racks are on, just waiting for the bags.  These bags were a gift from a great friend, Roadside Marty.  They will make packing for EDR a lot easier!

Waiting on warmer weather!!!  Let's ride!!!

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