Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mid Season Makeover!

I have been wanting to make my bike "my own" considering I didn't build it. I've made some changes (Shaved lower legs, 23" spoolie, some brass accent pieces, etc.) in the past 6 months but I needed to do more. I've had a ton of people email me saying they've seen (or bid) on my bike. Enough is enough.

I was in the right place at the right time this week @ Garco. Bart dropped by and mentioned he had an AMF Superglide tank from the 70's.

A deal was made and he brought it to the shop today. I painted my rear fender and oil tank gloss black. "Diablo Azul" is no more. Tank is going on the wall as an offering to the metal flake chopper Gods!

I'm so pumped! A bunch of people were at the shop today and the general consensus was that this tank looked way better than the previous.

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