Monday, August 1, 2011

High Falls Trail - Talladega National Forest

Some friends and I headed out for a night of camping @ High Falls Trail in the Talladega National Forest. It was a one-nighter but so many funny things happened it felt like we were in the woods for days! The waterfall (I didn't get any pictures of it) was really refreshing after we set up camp. Here are some pictures I managed to get...

Chopper Ed rode shotgun while I drove the chase vehicle. Kustom Jeff was the only rider completely self-contained on his bike!

Bill, Ross, Whitey, Ed, Jeff and I set up camp away from the "social area" around the campfire. This was the best decision I made all weekend!

Spenser set up our entertainment center in a tree (iPhone
and speakers - Steve Jobs would be very proud!)

Ross wearing Kustom Jeff's authentic WWII Nazi helmet

Do yourself a favor and buy some "Conecuh" Sausage. You can thank me later!

After dinner an impromptu Rave broke out. Glow stick fluid was flying and it made Spenser's bike look like a Jackson Pollack painting!!!

The next morning's gas stop in Ashland. A few of us (cough, cough, BILL, Cough) were feeling a little under the weather!

We made it to Sylacauga for a quick and greasy breakfast at Huddle House. After that we hit the Shelby County Flea Market near Wilsonville and a few scores were made. Ross found some tooling for his machine shop and I popped on an Oak Ridge Boys trucker cap! Score! Great quick trip with good friends. Can't wait to do it again!!!


  1. A great time for sure and I even found a !/64 scale Richard Petty car at the flea market! I'll have more pics on my blog for the next couple of days.

  2. Wow that pic of Stewy's bike is SICK. Thanks for calling me out for being the only one hungover btw. Damn it was fun, got to get another one up soon.