Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camping with the Custom Cousins

It's officially Spring and the first "Custom Cousins Camping Extravaganza" is this weekend! Looking forward to kicking it with my brothers in the woods!

Here are a few pics from trips past...

Weather forecast looks good!!!


  1. Yo CC's, S'up dudes!? Lookin' fwd 2 tha "season open" wknd campout wit u inbred mf'ers! Let's git it on brutha's from dif'ernt mutha's.
    Late compliment due u Ian....thank u for my way cool flask u made 4 me brutha...been usin' it regular & its developin' character dude! Bringin' it 2 tha season opener u betcha.
    Sorry for tha late post thankin' u...i'm sucha stewnod dumbass with digital lectic compuIphone blogin' shit....yeah, yeah I know.
    Diggin' the flask Ian, thx man! Chopper Ed

  2. Oh yeah I forgot....who'tf is #3niner nE'wayz? Heh, heh, heh...