Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Machine

The weather was perfect this afternoon...low humidity, cooler temps and plenty of sunshine.  I had to take a ride and enjoy it.  I've been consumed lately with my Shovel project and riding today reminded me how lucky I am to have this bike running.
We've definitely had our moments (pushing it off I-75 North on Lookout Mtn, charging issues, exploding advance units on my Birthday) but I'm thankful that I didn't give up.  Things will constantly happen with vintage motorcycles, Bill reminded me the other night that it's part of the fun.  Leaving on a 300+ mile trip and wondering if your machine will make it is a lot different than turning a key, priming the fuel pump, and arriving as comfortably as if you'd driven your SUV.
Riding my Ironhead today reminded me why I love vintage motorcycles.  Getting there, whether a 3-state weekend run, or just a few miles to grab a bite to eat, is an accomplishment and source of pride.

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  1. Good post cuz. It's a small price to pay have something that cool that's all yours. New bikes are cool too, two wheels and a motor is hard to fuck up really. But having something old is a different deal. And stock bikes suck.