Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shovelhead Dreams

About 13 months ago I bought an absolute boat anchor of a shovel motor from a "friend".  A lot of time, money (of course), and a good bit of luck went into getting this thing on the road.  Rickey Lewis of Rick's Cycle Parts rebuilt the motor and helped with the finishing touches.

Rickey is going to help me with some final issues, then it will be time to eat up some miles!

Big thanks to Rickey, Roadside Marty, my Inbred Brothers, and my beautiful wife Kristin for helping me achieve my "Shovelhead Dreams"!


  1. Your welcome, glad to see that thing finally moving under it's own power..once you get the hang of that clutch with no front brake I will let you ride my Knuckle!!!!

    1. I'd love that Marty! Actually, if I had to chose, I'd rather ride Purple Haze! That bike owns me!!!