Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Exhaust for the Ironhead!

Spenser and I have been talking about new exhaust pipes for quite a while. I ordered up some 1.75" stainless a few weeks back and today we got to it.

It was a really fun project and all that's left is the finish welding. Spenser will tackle that next Saturday then I'm going to polish them up!

Spenser figuring out the "loop" section of the rear pipe.

Top view: I've got to relocate my key switch or I see burned hands in my future!

I got some new photo editing software and have been playing around with the lighting.

Old Pipes

New Pipes (plus Kustom Jeff's lower body)

I'm super pumped on how they came out. As Kustom Jeff put it: "Just another change that has taken my bike in the right direction." I couldn't agree with him more.

Thanks again Spenser...I'm proud to call you my friend!


  1. That dude is a freakin exhaust wizard, want to do the ones for my iron head but damn, his turn out do good makes nervous to even try! Excellent!!!!

  2. Nice work on the pipes. DO you have the old set of pipes for sale?