Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Test: Duluth Trading Co. Contractor Boots

I read a review in Street Chopper Magazine a few months back on these 6" Contractor Boots from Duluth Trading Co. I've been in the market for a nice pair of boots and have read all kinds of reviews on Red Wing. I was all but sold on going that route when I stumbled across the review in Street Chopper.

These are American Made (in Wisconsin) with Vibram soles and a Goodyear welt (they can be re-soled). They retail for $149.00 vs. the $260.00 Red Wings I had my eyes on (good selling point)!!! They also have a no questions asked return policy (another selling point)!!!

I figured I would post a detailed review in a few months so I can give an honest assessment.


  1. The Red Wings murder. I'm about to have to have mine resoled.

  2. thurogood makes those for them, awesome boots for sure

  3. I'm a danner guy but after my danners I'm going to try these boots. I work in a car dealership in the shop side on my feet all day always been a danner fan but the bottoms go so fast