Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring is Coming...

Today the high was in the low 70' JANUARY! I talked to Bill and both of us have a little touch of Spring Fever. Can't wait until Winter is officially over and we can get back to our routine "overnighters" in random forests around Alabama.

Kustom Jeff took the picture of the year in my opinion. "A Boy and His Dog"

Big Boss Ross has taken me under his wing on all things camping.

Larry sampling my favorite camping meal "Conechuh Sausage"!


Getting away from it all with good friends (some might even use the term Brothers)!!! Looking forward to our next adventure...


  1. Damn those pics make me wanna go back to High Falls! That was a blast!!

  2. That picture is better appreciated with knowledge of just how hungover Bill was and how sexy he had been talking to Chardonnay the night before ;-P