Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Seat!

I just finished this seat for my Ironhead. I needed a seat pan that had more "kick" up in the back. I was always sliding off my seat and sitting on my fender. This pan came from Redtail Leather and I think it is going to do the trick!

I tooled a Sugar Skull yesterday after getting the top and bottom panels shaped.

I also changed from scissor springs to barrel seat springs to get the seat to ride a little lower.

I haven't taken a ride yet, but it is definitely more comfortable!

I'm pumped on the recent changes I've made to my bike. I'm trying to get her dialed in for the Dixie Roundup in April!


  1. Scoop that ass son.
    Looks great!!!

  2. Thanks Whitey! Hope to see you next weekend at the camping over-nighter.

  3. Looks really good man! And yeah Whitey, we're putting something together , gonna keep it local so everybody can make it.