Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Randoms

I spent the majority of Saturday at Garage Co. Customs for the usual meeting of the minds. It rained pretty much all day...ate Lunch at Shonos, then proceeded to get in everyone's way while they worked.

Bill and Kustom Jeff were talking over KJ's sissy bar setup on his Sportster project. KJ said he hopes to have the bike ready for the Dixie Roundup, Big Mountain Run OR the Bastard Bash. I know all about project momentum...or lack thereof!

Larry started work hardtailing a customers Shovelhead frame

Larry is getting the "White Trash Pan" ready for Daytona. Just a few tweaks!

Bill's XS is almost ready to be re-released into the wild. New clutch cable, oil change and a few other odds and ends and it'll be ripping.

Spenser's Shovel. This is one of my favorite bikes of all time...not just because Spenser is a great friend. This bike just has "it". Whatever "it" is this bike has "it"!

David's 1948 Panhead blew a head gasket last week. He's been thrown a few curveballs since taking ownership of this bike. It's all part of the new "old" bike experience. It takes a while to shake out the cobwebs and get to know your machine intimately! Bud Man is his co-pilot!

All in all a good Saturday. Plenty of beer and hijinks to take our minds off of the crappy weather. Next weekend's forecast looks good so hopefully I will be able to get some miles in!

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