Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chopper Glory!

Bill and I were able to both pick up our motors from Rick's Cycle Parts this past Saturday! We're both hoping that progress on our projects picks up now that the motor builds are done. His 64 XLCH turned out so CLEAN!!! I need to get more pictures of his project. It's going to be a tidy Sporty!

I love the early Ironhead primaries. They look so much better than the later models (like my 73).

Here's how we found our motors. All lined up and ready to head south!

Greg told us that they have pumped out 14 motor rebuilds this past Winter! Don't hesitate to take them your old iron that needs some attention. They like to keep people's knees in the breeze!!!

Thanks again to Rick and Greg for the outstanding work!

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  1. I just wanna hug Bill's motor! Your Shovel is sweet, but we all know I have a sickness for Ironheads!!!!