Monday, April 2, 2012

Bama Swap and Drag - Part 2

Part 2 from the Bama Swap and Drag features a few of the bikes that caught my eye. As with any swap meet, there were a ton of people caging it (like us) to be able to transport their chopper gold home.

There were a fair amount of bikes at the event (mostly stockers/baggers) but the following bikes made me stop and take a picture.

Here's an awesome Panhead that I watched roll in. It really is cool to see old iron being ridden and not just on a trailer!

The owner of this clean shovelhead passed us on the way into the show.

Not sure if I'm late to the party, but I saw a lot of animal skulls attached to bikes. Is this a fad that is catching on?

This 1939 UL stopped us all in our tracks. I think we all mentioned that a big twin flattie would be near the top of our list of desired vintage Harley-Davidsons!

Part 3 from the event will focus on Bill and I picking up our motors from Rick's Cycle Parts (and Roadside Marty's jokes!)

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  1. My dream bike is a '65 Pan. Year I was born, last year of the Pan, first year of the electric start. What's not to love ;-P