Thursday, April 5, 2012

NoSchool Choppers

I have used these taillights from NoSchool Choppers on my past few bikes. Recently the license bracket broke on my Ironhead, I didn't realize it (still have no idea when it happened) and I lost my taillight, license plate and registration. I had a Biltwell stash tube attached to the back.

So I ordered another light from Lowbrow Customs (another AWESOME company) and decided I would drop a line to NoSchool Choppers and see if they had any installation tips that would keep me from ending up at the DMV again.

I wasn't expecting anything in return other than a reply to my question. Jason at NoSchool did more than that. He sent me a replacement set-up at no charge!!!

It's not often that a small company, hell ANY company, goes above and beyond to help a customer. I just wanted to share my experience and let you guys know why you should support the companies that support the custom motorcycle scene.

Thanks again Jason!

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  1. That is awesome cuz. Can't beat a guy standing behind his products like that