Monday, June 25, 2012

I can STOP now!!!

I've been struggling with the performance of my rear brake on the Ironhead for the past few months.  Bill and I have bled the entire system several times with minimal gains in stopping power.  I started a thread on Chop Cult putting the call out to ideas on how to troubleshoot.

Several fellow "Cultists" responded with tons of advice.  I decided to start with replacing the brass brake rod with a piece of hot rolled steel rod.

Someone also advised that I check the spec on my rotor.  Minimum was .205" and mine was at .156"!!  I headed to the Stealership on Sunday and was hit with $125 for a rotor!!!  I posted a picture on Instagram and several people chimed in offering to help!  "H8ter" sent me two new rotors for the price of shipping!  Needless to say, I enjoyed returning the rotor I purchased back to Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson!!!

The culprit:  Brass brake rod.

 I love getting to use my tools!

 Here's a quick pic of the new steel brake rod.  Long story short...I've got BRAKES!  I took a quick test ride around my neighborhood and was STOKED on the result!  The new rotor from "H8ter" will be icing on the cake!

Thanks to Bill for helping me bleed the system and for the advice.  Thanks also to the dudes from Chop Cult for being another set of eyes!

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