Monday, June 4, 2012

Purple Haze

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to check out Marty's stable of sweet choppers.  It was dark when we arrived the night before so we couldn't take in the details of all his beautiful machines.

Purple Haze was at the end of the garage and was the only bike I got pictures of.  He also had two awesome shovelheads stashed in there (one was his "No Name" Davis' original 1966 FLH.  Purple Haze has been featured in the chopper rags but nothing compares to seeing it in person!

"It's good to be King" - Roadside Marty

"It came to me in a Purple Haze" 

This bike has amazing detail.  Ross and I poured over all of the one-off machined bits that you might miss if you don't know what you're looking for.

Next time I visit I am determined to get pictures of his bitchin' shovel chopper!

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  1. Next time your gonna ride the damn thing brother LOL!!!