Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Skin and Bones Tattoo Parlour - Pensacola FL

Last Saturday after we inspected Roadside's collection of choppers we decided to head out for breakfast, then a stop at Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour for some ink zapping from Alan Berg!

I abstained from getting a tattoo at the Roundup from Alan.  We both thought it would be better to do what I wanted in the shop, not on a picnic table!

Open for bidness...

Alan's work station

I love Norman Rockwell paintings!

David Mann centerfolds are another personal favorite of mine.  Alvarez has great decor in his shop!

Roadside Marty being Roadside Marty

Doin work

Bill got an awesome star with an Invader peeking through...

Ross now has a permanent reminder to "Gas it"!!!

After the three of us got zapped, we pointed the Altima north and headed back to Birmingham (loaded down with Choppy Parts and fresh tattoos)!!!

Next time we need to stay longer!!!!!  Thanks again Roadside, Alan and Alvarez for the hospitality.  Hope to see you dudes soon!

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